Strategic Leadership

Developing leaders who have a clear sense of direction.

This programme brings together strategic thinking and personal leadership. In an uncertain world, leaders need a clear sense of purpose and direction. They also need to bring that clarity to their organisations if they are to achieve sustainable results. There is a marked difference between thinking and acting operationally, and thinking and acting strategically. Being a strategic leader means that your decisions tend to be more risky, your actions more visible and your achievement of results more complex.


  • Develop self-awareness and confidence as a strategic leader, through 360° feedback and group coaching
  • Find out about the kind of leadership increasingly needed in the 21st century
  • Turn your vision into real business change
  • Understand more about strategy, organisational culture and tools for change
  • Gain insight into the strategies of organisations that thrive in uncertainty and change
  • Visit and learn from the strategies of organisations very different from your own
  • Enjoy the challenge and support of working with peers in confidential learning set meetings
  • 93% of past participants would recommend this programme